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Frequently asked questions

Why repaint?

Colour is an emotional language. A room is not ours until we create the feeling that we intend for that space. Our workspace needs to be reflect our values, inspire us, and communicate our brand. Our home needs to comfort us, refresh us and connect us. Colour is the most effective way to transform a space to represent Us. 

Beyond aesthetic value, painting also returns an exponential financial return when selling a property - approximately a 100% ROI for an interior repaint, and 55% for exterior repaint. “It’s the least expensive investment for the biggest return,” says Jennie Norris, chairwoman of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals

Painting can also be an effective way to transform a space. “Paint is the simplest, most effective, and most transformative way to change a space,” says Christina Hoffmann, concept manager of, a homeownership and buying resource produced by the National Association of Realtors. You can use colour to change the dimensions of a room, to focus attention intentionally, and to work with other physical features in a space.

Maintaining your paint coatings in and out serves to protect your substrates and prevents more expensive repairs and restorations down the road. Your paint works hard to protect your home. Keeping the paint film in tact through cleaning and re-coating is a good way to extend the life of your walls and maintain the value of your home while avoiding costly repairs. 

Should I DIY my paint project?

In my experience there are two types of people in this world (when it comes to painting)...the few who love to paint, and the rest who hate painting. Seldom it seems that more than one person in a household really enjoys painting. So there are many considerations.

Do you have the time? The time to organize your project, shop for materials and tools, prepare your surfaces, paint and clean up? All this while juggling your regular life tasks? If a contractor would take a week to paint your space, are you willing to do it yourself and have the project inconvenience your life for twice as long?

If you like painting and have the time to invest, the next question it cost effective to do it yourself? While labour can be expensive, you have to consider the opportunity costs - could you be making as much (or more) as the cost of painters by working at your regular occupation?

You also need to factor in that you will likely pay approximately 25% more for your materials and paint than if you hired a contractor. 

There is a very good chance that the results will be of a higher standard if you hire the right contractor. If you do not have a lot of experience and do not use the best tools and techniques, your paint job may be frustrating and the results not very satisfying. 

If you do decide to DIY, you can contact us for tips and recommendations to have a smoother experience. 

What makes Sombrio Painting Co. different?

As a small business owner, I can be onsite each day to supervise and  work on your project. That helps ensure smooth completion and consistent quality. We can also make decisions on the spot when it comes to adjustments in scope. As the owner, I have 15 years of full-time painting experience on a variety of projects, which helps to deal with any variables that arise. We specialize in custom painting solutions for home owners that appreciate quality. We only require a $100 deposit to confirm your booking and start your project, reducing risks associated with large deposits. We do not mark-up paint but instead pass on contractor pricing and access to contractor-only products to our clients, saving you money on premium quality products that last. We tend to avoid intense competition, focusing on delivering genuine value rather than 'gaming' the tender process. There is enough work out there for all the good and honest painters - we don't need to be undercutting each other. We also try to avoid deadlines, believing that quality takes the time it takes and recognizing that most jobs grow in scope. We also believe in keeping work in its place, so we do not work weekends.   

Do I need WCB/Worksafe BC coverage for my project?

Homeowners hiring an independent business do not need to register with Worksafe BC

The company you hire to paint your project needs to have WorkSafeBC BC coverage for any workers they hire. This does not necessarily protect you, because the owner of the business may not be covered by Worksafe BC, or the business may not be in good standing with Worksafe BC. Business owners cannot get regular Worksafe BC coverage because it is basically insurance against suing yourself. They offer P.O.P. (Personal Optional Protection) coverage, which seems like a stripped down accident insurance policy. For your protection, you may want to obtain homeowner or business general liability insurance, or at the very least ensure workers are being covered by Worksafe BC and that the business owner has their own personal accident insurance. Please do your own research on this important aspect of your project. 

Are deposits legal?

Consumer Protection BC states that any service business that does not operate from a retail location, cannot charge more than 10% of the total value of the job, to a maximum of $100. This serves as a protection for you. It is common for contractors to request significant deposits to cover material costs, etc - but it is not a 'best practice' standard. Best to figure out an arrangement where both client and contractor are not exposed to needless risk.

Is it worth investing in a designer to create my colour scheme?

Probably. Colour is a language, and most of us are not fluent. If you are uncertain about what colours to choose, you want to be happy with your colours for 5 - 10 years and your project is quite large, it may well be worth the small investment. It can easily save you more than it costs if it prevents a change in the colour scheme mid-project. We are happy to offer the service, or connect you with a 3rd party designer. We want you to love your space!

What brand of paint is best?

So this is where I should say that all paint companies make some great paint, and some not so great paint. And they all do. But, these days I almost exclusively recommend Benjamin Moore coatings. They have great colours, good service, fair prices and excellent quality paint. My recommendation for interiors is Benjamin Moore Scuff-X Matte (walls) and Pearl (trim & doors). For exteriors we recommend Benjamin Moore Aura. For exterior wood we recommend Benjamin Moore ArborCoat Oil Stain.  

Is there a significant difference in quality between cheap paint and expensive paint?

In what order should painting be completed when also doing other renovations?

What steps are involved in interior re-painting? 

What factors should be considered when planning an interior painting project?

What factors should be considered when planning an exterior painting project?

What is American Clay plaster? Why should I use it?

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